Business Intelligence Reporting Tool (BIRT)

BIRT is a web-based dashboard and reporting software tool made perfect for business analysis; it consists of an advanced and highly intuitive application that allows business users to dissect their company's data to analyze its key performance indicators. The product gathers the most influential data from numerous data sources and combines it in one data warehouse where it can then be used to slice and dice through major components of business.

Key Features:

  • Powerful BI analysis for business users with interactive analytics.
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use interface along with drag and drop report building features.
  • Provides an access to a wide range of data sources and data warehouses.
  • Provides an Ad-Hoc reporting functionality for users.
  • Provides Archiving and Purging functionality for Data.
  • Structures business as a technical architecture module.
  • Accurate historical data as well as real-time updates.
  • Grant appropriate access by customizing multiple levels of security as needed.
  • Support of multi-tenancy in order to host multiple customers, each with their own separate and secure set of data, users, reports and dashboards.
  • One-click access to dashboard; no software to install or maintain.
  • Initial installation and upgrades in the software can be achieved from a single location, rather than every company or user.
For more information please download the BIRT brochure here

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